"What do designers really think of the Yeezy Boost" for ConceptKicks.com

I was asked by Mr. Bailey of Concept Kicks my thoughts on the Yeezy Boost. Below is Mr. Bailey's introduction, followed by my thoughts. Check out what the other designers had to say here.

Below is an introduction from Mr. Bailey of Concept Kicks.

The hype is still pretty crazy about the Yeezy Boost, and generally I try to abscond from covering subjects that are as over saturated in the media as they currently are. However, Yeezy’s beef is strong, and his impact on the sneaker culture right now is undeniable. Opinions have been varied, but I think it’s fairly safe to say that the general consensus (at-least from the hypebeast elite) is that they’re on point. But what do actual footwear designers really think about them? The so-called, ‘people in the know’? To answer that question to some degree, I thought it would be good to reach out to some of the design homies to get some unbiased, designer perspective’s on the Yeezy Boost.

What do designers really think about Adi’s first Kanye release? Some think it’s a veritable Ugg boot, others think they’ll alter footwear for the foreseeable future…

Below are my answers to Mr. Bailey's three questions.


I’ve always appreciated Kanye’s creative efforts, particularly his ability to surprise and push experiential expectations. Weather his full-album music video for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” free “G.O.O.D. Music Friday” releases leading up to “MBDTF,” or the Twitter prompted, global projections for the release of his “New Slaves” single, I’ve appreciated the efforts to support a story across secondary mediums.

With the Yeezy 2, Kanye and Nike pushed aesthetic expectations of lifestyle footwear and provided an aspirational piece that streetwear could follow. It set the groundwork for shoes like the Nike Free Orbit, Nike Free Mercurial Superfly, and the Y-3 Qasa, all shoes that re-imagined where footwear could go.

The Yeezy Boost continues to give Kanye a platform to express his view on what’s next in streetwear while serving as a representation of where he’s at currently. Before the Yeezy Boost, performance was slapped onto casual footwear as a bold read. It felt like a walking marketing campaign. I appreciate the Yeezy Boost’s approach of re-imagining casual footwear by seamlessly integrating performance elements. People want to feel sophisticated and comfortable; the materials used on the Yeezy Boost and the color palette used in the Yeezy Season 1 collection will lead casual-performance for years to come, replacing the days of Galaxy Foams and loud graphic prints.

I was excited for the Yeezy Boost to be more widely available. If this really is adidas’ proposal for the future of casual-performance, I’m interested how people in both global cities and small towns receive the proposition.


I'd like to get my hands on a pair; their sophistication and nod to performance make them an easy wear.