Y-3 NOCI 0003 High and NOCI Mid.

Last week Y-3 released images of the NOCI 0003 High. It's tooling looked very interesting, and I really enjoyed some of the forward leaning design lines near the toe. I was excited to see if Y-3 had plans to continue this language at their SS17 presentation. In watching the video closely, at the 3:44 mark there appears to be a NOCI mid. The way the shoe walked looked brilliant; I haven't been as excited for a new footwear moment since Y-3 introduced the Qasa a few seasons back. Congratulations, Y-3! And shout out to the women's bomber at 9:14.

Below is an image of the NOCI 0003 High's, a video of the SS17 show (for the mid's, look closely at 3:44), and screenshots of the NOCI mid. Can't wait.