2017 Core77 Design Awards x Shinola Power Supply Collection

Core77 has always been a huge influence on the industrial design community. Before sharing on instagram, I relied on Core77's articles and community message boards for a deeper look into the world of ID. This year with Astro Studios and the team at Shinola, I received my first Core77 award for the Shinola Power Supply Collection.

Via Core77, "Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and the brilliance of its practitioners.

The Shinola Power Supply Collection was awarded a "Notable" for the Consumer Product Category which is described as Core77 as, "Final products designed specifically for individual use across a variety of enviornments and purposes, including but not limited to home, work, leisure, sporting, health and hygiene. Examples include: electronics, accessories, soft goods, housewares and appliances, personal care, tabletop, etc."

It feels great to be recognized with such a nice range of product. More on the 2017 Core77 Awards here, and check out the Consumer Product Awards page to vote for the Shinola Power Supply Collection as the Community Choice Price winner!