Nike Sportswear Boot Concepts

I completed this project in October of 2011. At the time I was looking for a winter boot and had developed an appreciation for crafted leather boots from brands like Danner, Red Wing, Quoddy, and A.P.C., but all of those boots were missing a sport twist that felt right for me.

For this project I designed under two camps, "Force" and "Flight." LeBron and work boots were inspiration for the "Force" camp while Russell Westbrook and chukka boots were inspiration for the "Flight" camp. Four each camp I developed four concepts and colored each concept in six different colorways.

After spending some time reviewing some work in my archives, I decided to add it to the project section of my website. Below are four of the eight concepts I had completed as a part of this exploration.

Alexandra Kehayoglou x Dries Van Noten

Today I attended a trend conference in Los Angeles at MOCA. One of my favorite videos shown was Alexandra Kehayoglou's work for Dries Van Noten's SS15 show. Though the work was from a few years back, todays presentation focused on creating depth in textiles for a level of depth and discovery. Naturally, Kehayoglou's work was the perfect fit.

God Shammgod ball handling.

I found this video after watching a Kris Dunn crossover dribble highlight. Dunn credits God Shammgod as the one who has been teaching him how to handle the ball. I remember Shammgod from when I was younger and found the video below. You can FEEL the HOURS spilling out while Shammgod handles the ball with ease. So routine. So smooth.

It's funny. It's all just the same.

Y-3 NOCI 0003 High and NOCI Mid.

Last week Y-3 released images of the NOCI 0003 High. It's tooling looked very interesting, and I really enjoyed some of the forward leaning design lines near the toe. I was excited to see if Y-3 had plans to continue this language at their SS17 presentation. In watching the video closely, at the 3:44 mark there appears to be a NOCI mid. The way the shoe walked looked brilliant; I haven't been as excited for a new footwear moment since Y-3 introduced the Qasa a few seasons back. Congratulations, Y-3! And shout out to the women's bomber at 9:14.

Below is an image of the NOCI 0003 High's, a video of the SS17 show (for the mid's, look closely at 3:44), and screenshots of the NOCI mid. Can't wait.

Adidas NMD2

The Adidas NMD has been one of my favorite shoes since it's release last December. I love its nod to heritage, but commitment to embrace the future. It seems so often classic sneakers are realized with modern materials, but the NMD is truly a reimagined classic. It still feels refreshing.

This morning when I saw the NMD R2 as featured in adidas' collaboration with White Mountaineering at Paris Fashion week I couldn't believe how well they were able to push it even further. Thanks for inspiring. Can't wait to get these on my feet.


What a performance by LeBron, Kyrie, and the Cavaliers to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the 2016 NBA title. Golden State had set the record for most wins in a season with 73, had not lost 3 straight games since Steve Kerr took over 2 years ago, and did not lose 2 straight home games all season. But LeBron was LeBron and Kyrie was DANCING!

To celebrate here are a few videos.

First, the theme song from when I would go to the games as a kid. It's called, "Tonight's the Night." Second, I loved the hype reel for Game 6. The last sentence when Christopher Walken says, "Cause every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackyls who he is" gets the hair on the back of my neck standing up. And finally, Kyrie's game winner in Oakland to bring the first championship to Cleveland since Jim Brown's Browns did it on December 27, 1964.

SF Design Week Art + Basketball

Last Friday I worked with our marketing team here at Astro Studios to put on an event for SF Design Week. To feed the fever of the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals, we curated the show, "Art + Basketball." Artists from all over the world submitted their basketball themed art pieces. Shout out to Adam Ballinger, Alejandro Chavetta, Alek Morawski, Franchise Magazine, Justin Fantl, Lauren Fisher, Michael Jeter, Nathan Lee, Nathan McKee, Norio Fujikawa, Ryan Simpson, Randy the Cobbler, Victor Solomon, and myself. Thanks to the artists who contributed to the event and to everyone for coming out. Go follow the featured artists!



Machina's mission is to create clothes that integrate seamlessly with technology and are created from the designer’s perspective. As a response to the increase of design lead VR options, Machina works to integrate input devices into fashion forward apparel to enhance gameplay.

I was a part of a team at Astro with Norio Fujikawa and Jaee Kwon who helped realize these input devices. The project is just beginning but these visualizations were created as appearance models for Highway1's design accelerator presentation last month in San Francisco.

Read more about the project and thoughts on Design and Technology through the eyes of us at Astro, IDEO, and Whipsaw over at FASTCO Design and check out some early imagery of the controls we designed to integrate with the Machina jacket below.

Minus 8 Core77 Design Awards

This year, myself and the Astro team entered our Zone 2 and Square watches to Core77's design awards. Here I am talking about the products. I've got a lot to do getting better creating these videos, but I am happy to have tried. It's a great learning experience.